KATIE MILLER is a multidisciplinary artist from the rolling valleys of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan and is passionate about living life in the present moment and connecting with people through her photography, writing and music. After pursuing her music as a singersongwriter and recording two albums to date, Katie now devotes her creative energy to her photography and poetry, and keeps musically active by hosting open mic nights and tribute concerts in her hometown.

My Photography 

Photography has become a passion for me and quite possibly, I believe that this may coincide with my ever-growing passion to find inner peace. At times, it's music, songwriting and performing, and at other times of more recent, it's when I have my camera with me that I feel the most connected to that divine spirit that resides within me. To quote John Muir, "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks," which seems to ring true for me whether I'm walking on my valley hikes in my neck of the woods by Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, or driving on the surrounding gravel roads chasing down sunrises, sunsets and northern lights. These walks and drives with my camera all bring me a serenity and peace and show me the awesomeness of being present and living in the moment. 

I have recently created my own Facebook Page dedicated to my photography which you can check out here. I have begun to update my website from strictly a musician site to include my photography, as photography has increasingly become a vital avenue for me for my artistic expression. While I continue to perform and write, as most people know me first and foremost as a singersongwriter, Katie Miller the Photographer has become an important part of who I am. 

I was super excited to sell my first print earlier this year at the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery's annual Landscape & Memory exhibition, where I had four works displayed. I had these particular photos printed on brushed aluminum and I was very pleased with how the metal captured the brilliance of the colours, which shimmer and change depending on your viewpoint. 

Please check out my Instagram which I use frequently for posting my photography. Instagram is a great forum for sharing my photography and for connecting with other photographers, and I will now be showcasing many of these photos on my new photography page and website. These photos are all available for purchase in various sizes and  mediums including metal, canvas, photoboard and framed. While Landscape Photography is my first love, I have done some portrait sessions and have included some of these portrait photos on my website and Facebook page. For photo inquiries, please email me via my website or message me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

Semi-Finalist in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition 

I am honoured to have my song, This December (from album, A New Day)  as a semi-finalist in the 2016 International Songwriting Competition, which received more than 16 000 entries with semi-finalists making up 10% of all entries. It's amazing to see the list of esteemed judges for this competition and the list of semi-finalists from around the world, including a handful of other Saskatchewan artists that have also been selected. 

Music Bringing People Together 

I am in love with hosting the Open Mic nights in my small town community of Esterhazy. We have a new space in our town, Whippletree Coffee located in the recently renovated Maple Leaf Theatre, which has provided a much-needed venue for bringing people together for the love of music. The atmosphere is cozy and the coffee and treats are great, and the local performers that come out really look forward to this event. The Open Mic nights have become a once a month happening, bringing in new faces each time in a collective gathering of sharing musical talents from all ages and genres. This event has also proven to be a great way for me to bring an awareness to the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund, that I passionately believe in, with donations collected by passing a hat. I thank everyone for being so graciously generous in their donations, with hundreds of dollars being raised at each event in our cozy little venue, towards this much needed fund for the healing and recovery of the Indigenous people of our country.

Open Mic Fundraiser for Gord Downie and Chanie Wenjack Fund ~ October 20, 2016 

I have always been a fan of the iconic Canadian band, The Tragically Hip, and revered the poetic lyrics by Gord Downie. After the news of Gord’s terminal cancer, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be going to see them live in concert, one more time; and I was extremely fortunate to have been in the front row at one of their concerts this past summer. I watched Gord Downie perform with such an amazing commitment to his art-form and audience, and I held it together until near the end of the concert when I heard the first couple of bars of “Ahead By A Century."
That night, my respect for Gord Downie amplified, and continues to grow as Gord releases Secret Path:  a 10 song album and graphic novel illustrated by Jeff Lemire, that tells the story of Chanie Wenjack, a twelve-year-old boy who died trying to escape the Cecilia Jeffrey Indian Residential School in 1966, walking the railroad tracks to return to his home, 400 miles away. Proceeds from the sales of the Secret Path album and novel will be donated to The Gord Downie Secret Path Fund for Truth and Reconciliation via The National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at The University of Manitoba. The animated film adaptation of The Secret Path will be broadcast by CBC Sunday, Oct 23 at 9pm and you’ll also be able to view it online at www.cbc.ca/secretpath
Tonight, as I host this Open Mic event in my hometown of Esterhazy, I will be passing around "The Hat," to collect donations for the Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund, a newly fund created by The Downie and Wenjack families that will support the healing and recovery of the First Peoples of our country, and foster new relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. My hope is for this event to continue on a monthly basis, bringing out all the local musicians and music lovers, while also working towards raising awareness and funds for such an extremely important issue in our country. Much thanks to Gord Downie and the Downie and Wenjack families, for creating this much needed fund to help heal our people. 

A New Day, A New Album, A New Approach 

I'm excited to announce that my new album, A New Day, is finally released today!!! I am so proud of the final product and have to thank Jared Robinson (Nebulus Entertainment in Moose Jaw, SK) for his great work on the album art and finesse with the production of this album. Jared is one talented guy: music producer, photographer, graphic designer, and not to mention all the instruments he can play! I am so appreciative first most, that Jared understood my vision for this album in capturing a stripped down sound and believing in "less is more."  The songs that made this album are more honest and personal than ever before, and I've decided that since music has helped me with my own personal demons, I wanted to help make a difference with this album. So I've decided to make A New Day a platform for mental health awareness with half of the album sales being donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatchewan Division). If I can reach out to people through my music in making them feel less alone in their struggles through life, then I will feel like I've really accomplished something.
FLOWERS ON THE SUN is my favourite song on my album, A New Day, and was inspired by a note my son wrote when he was four years old, which consisted solely of those four words. I thought it was beautiful and called it his first poem. I saved the note and years later, I formed this song about nature, the environment, and how humankind must be proactive in protecting this beautiful planet for many generations to come.

FLOWERS ON THE SUN is my favourite song on my album, A New Day, and was inspired by a note my son wrote when he was four years old, which consisted solely of those four words. I thought it was beautiful and called it his first poem. I saved the note and years later, I formed this song about nature, the environment, and how humankind must be proactive in protecting this beautiful planet for many generations to come.

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