A New Day, A New Album, A New Approach

I'm excited to announce that my new album, A New Day, is finally released today!!! I am so proud of the final product and have to thank Jared Robinson (Nebulus Entertainment in Moose Jaw, SK) for his great work on the album art and finesse with the production of this album. Jared is one talented guy: music producer, photographer, graphic designer, and not to mention all the instruments he can play! I am so appreciative first most, that Jared understood my vision for this album in capturing a stripped down sound and believing in "less is more."  The songs that made this album are more honest and personal than ever before, and I've decided that since music has helped me with my own personal demons, I wanted to help make a difference with this album. So I've decided to make A New Day a platform for mental health awareness with half of the album sales being donated to the Canadian Mental Health Association (Saskatchewan Division). If I can reach out to people through my music in making them feel less alone in their struggles through life, then I will feel like I've really accomplished something.