What You See

Thank you CBC Saskatchewan Morning Edition for spinning the first release, "What You See," March 7, 2016 from my upcoming album, A New Day (Release date: March 25, 2016). The response on social media has been great: Thanks everyone! Songwriting is a very personal, cathartic experience for me, and I write my music to express myself, first and foremost. The songwriting process is something that I truly enjoy and when I arrive at the completion of a song, it is ultimately rewarding. Response to my music from others, is icing on the cake and is something I am truly grateful for. I also want to thank QCIndie.com, Regina's Alternative Radio station, for their shout-out of my music: "Last year local artist Katie Miller sent us her music and we instantly fell in love. We're now excited to have her latest single, 'What You See,' in regular rotation." Online streaming available of "What You See:" Listen Here