A New Day, A New Album, A New Approach

I'm excited to announce that my new album, A New Day, is finally released today!!! I am so proud of the final product and have to thank Jared Robinson (Nebulus Entertainment in Moose Jaw, SK) for his great work…Read more

What You See

Thank you CBC Saskatchewan Morning Edition for spinning the first release, "What You See," March 7, 2016 from my upcoming album, A New Day (Release date: March 25, 2016). The response on social media has been great: Thanks…Read more

This December

This December has brought me new ideas and new connections. I am an optimist and I believe in humankind: humans are kind. With all the talk on social media these past few months about the world in such critical condition…

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Autumn Recording Sessions

It has been a busy fall preparing for the recording of my second album, and and now that I've spent some time in the studio, I'm happy to say that the recording process has been going smooth like the lake…

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Sandy Lake, Steve Earle and Dave the Bartender

I had way too much fun at my last Manitoba summer show at the Sandy Lake Hotel.  Who doesn't love a great crowd and impromptu performances by random musicians who just so happen to be there? It's always those unplanned…

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Manitoba Memories

I've been thoroughly enjoying my tour in Manitoba this summer and it's always fun playing at a new venue. My July started off at the classic "Wigwam" Restaurant at Clear Lake in Riding Mountain National Park. The Neighbourhood Bookstore &amp…

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