This December

This December has brought me new ideas and new connections. I am an optimist and I believe in humankind: humans are kind. With all the talk on social media these past few months about the world in such critical condition, my thoughts formed around the penning of a new song, entitled, "This December." I attribute John Lennon's "Imagine" as a source for inspiration for this song, as it's a song I have always related to with my own personal thoughts about our world.  I performed "This December" for the first time at my hometown's annual community carol festival and then the following week on CTV Regina Morning Live (click to view). I headed to the studio straight from CTV to Nebulus Entertainment in Moose Jaw to record it as I decided to include it on my next album. Another new idea for this album was my decision to add mandolin to some of the tracks, which all came about after meeting up with fellow Saskatchewan musician, Thomas Roussin (most know him from his project, "The Grain Report"), at a local jam night a couple months ago. I absolutely love his mandolin playing and am excited to have him join me for some future live shows:)