KATIE MILLER is a multidisciplinary artist from the rolling valleys of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan and is passionate about living life in the present moment and connecting with people through her music, writing and photography. 

Summer Gigs 

I'm feeling the music in me once again. After going down the photography path for the past few years, my creative energy has increasingly been pulling me back towards my musical roots. I had a great time this past weekend entertaining the folks at a local event and am in the works of some more summer bookings. Stay tuned!

FLOWERS ON THE SUN is my favourite song on my album, A New Day, and was inspired by a note my son wrote when he was four years old, which consisted solely of those four words. I thought it was beautiful and called it his first poem. I saved the note and years later, I crafteded this song about nature, the environment, and how humankind must be proactive in protecting this beautiful planet for many generations to come. Click on the photo above to have a listen?

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