KATIE MILLER is a multidisciplinary artist from the rolling valleys of Esterhazy, Saskatchewan and is passionate about living life in the present moment and connecting with people through her photography, writing and music. 

Pride 2022 🏳️‍🌈 

Using a collection of my prairie photography, here is my pride flag for 2022, to honour and celebrate the freedom of love🌈🌈 

Bringing People Together With Local Live Music✌️ 

I had a great time hosting and performing at an evening of local, live music in my hometown of Esterhazy on Saturday, Feb 12. I organized a line-up of a few local musicians which was held on stage at the Maple Leaf Theatre. It's hard to believe that the last time I had performed was at an Open Mic in January 2020, as I used to host these on a regular basis. I suppose that would explain why I was so nervous on Saturday! Nervous but also excited to be able to bring people together with live music. 

Ethereal Early Morning Aurora 

6:07 am - Nov 4, 2021 - View from My Backyard

I woke up to stunning northern lights flashing like strobe lights across the morning sky. What a sight to wake up to!

Love is Love🌈 

Here's my Pride Flag I created with my photography to celebrate Pride Month. May we continue to evolve into an ever more inclusive world where Love is Love and what makes us unique is fearlessly and proudly celebrated❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

FLOWERS ON THE SUN is my favourite song on my album, A New Day, and was inspired by a note my son wrote when he was four years old, which consisted solely of those four words. I thought it was beautiful and called it his first poem. I saved the note and years later, I crafteded this song about nature, the environment, and how humankind must be proactive in protecting this beautiful planet for many generations to come. Click on the photo above to have a listen?

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