My Photography

Photography has become a passion for me and quite possibly, I believe that this may coincide with my ever-growing passion to find inner peace. At times, it's music, songwriting and performing, and at other times of more recent, it's when I have my camera with me that I feel the most connected to that divine spirit that resides within me. To quote John Muir, "In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks," which seems to ring true for me whether I'm walking on my valley hikes in my neck of the woods by Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, or driving on the surrounding gravel roads chasing down sunrises, sunsets and northern lights. These walks and drives with my camera all bring me a serenity and peace and show me the awesomeness of being present and living in the moment. 

I have recently created my own Facebook Page dedicated to my photography which you can check out here. I have begun to update my website from strictly a musician site to include my photography, as photography has increasingly become a vital avenue for me for my artistic expression. While I continue to perform and write, as most people know me first and foremost as a singersongwriter, Katie Miller the Photographer has become an important part of who I am. 

I was super excited to sell my first print earlier this year at the Godfrey Dean Art Gallery's annual Landscape & Memory exhibition, where I had four works displayed. I had these particular photos printed on brushed aluminum and I was very pleased with how the metal captured the brilliance of the colours, which shimmer and change depending on your viewpoint. 

Please check out my Instagram which I use frequently for posting my photography. Instagram is a great forum for sharing my photography and for connecting with other photographers, and I will now be showcasing many of these photos on my new photography page and website. These photos are all available for purchase in various sizes and  mediums including metal, canvas, photoboard and framed. While Landscape Photography is my first love, I have done some portrait sessions and have included some of these portrait photos on my website and Facebook page. For photo inquiries, please email me via my website or message me via Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.