1. Without You

From the recording Silverflower

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This song is derived from anger and hurt transformed into hope and renewal.


Katie Miller ©2015

I have given all that I can possibly give
I have brought you all that you could ever wish for and more
I have stressed myself inside out over you
But why, when your eyes show all too clearly
What I didn't see before, so now

I am getting a better point of view
Am I making a little sense to you?
I am making a better life without you
Without you, without you.

You have sat right back and watch me start to fade
You have seen me lose my shine, my shimmer, my joy
You have taken more than I thought ever possible
But how, when I'm supposed to be the stronger one
I think you've made me stronger, so now

I know not to expect any more from you
I know not to wait for empty wishes, promises, they're lies
I know not to try to see a different side of you
But who will you turn to in your darkest hour
You need to be strong for yourself