From the recording Silverflower

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This is my Canadiana song about adversity and perseverance.


Katie Miller ©2015

Another day in January I’m sittin here
At my frosted window looking out at the cold
The sun dogs are barking at me telling me it’s time
Time to get movin on

In this true north country, there’s got to be
Someone like me, trying to be strong and free
Strong and free, strong and free, strong and free

I step outside and the cold wind greets me like an old friend
Wrestling and pulling me out the door again
Pulling me into that old green truck and how I remember
Not so long ago when I was sittin’ on the other side

Drivin down this snow-drifted road always brings back those stories
About the good old days and that good old hockey game
I know he’s somewhere out there watching over me
I can feel his smile shining down